The Poet

What am I?
I Am A Poet Who am I?
I Am "The Poet" I am not a fighter
Nor a trainer
I am not an entrepreneur
Nor an executive
I am not a construction worker
Nor a sheriff
I am not a salesman
Nor a bum I am not perfect
Nor too proud
I am not arrogant
Nor conceited
I am not popular
Nor too rich
But I was all at twenty-three Who am I? I am not a model
Nor an actor
I am not a pilot
Nor a teacher
I am not an athlete
Nor outgoing
Who am I that you'd believe? I am none of these things Though I have attempted them all
They make me not what I am. . .
For I Am A Poet Love me not for any other reason. . .
Except for me alone, and not my titles I have now become a man
Times have certainly changed me
And I pray it was for the better
When I die my tombstone will read:
"The Poet" For me alone am I I am simply me Who am I?
I Am A Poet
You will know me by my works My reactions bottled up inside my heart. . .
Until I can express them in my poems You were wrong about me
Time will only tell you who I am I am just a poet
And I Love You Deeply
That is all

by David Jason Blocker

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