ords fFr lLve, Wrds oO lLve

'In the name of ALLAH'

Words for LOVE, Words of LOVE
I wrote them for ALLAH, the PUREST LOVE.

O ALLAH! ! ! I supplicate to You!
You are the First; You are the First before existence
You are the Last; You are the Last after eternity
You are the one with Authority and the Mighty
I call for Your Mercy… You are full of Sanctity

O ALLAH I pray to You!
I get down on my knees and I raise my hands
Asking You “YA ALLAH” to give me a Hand
To Forgive my sins, and Your Pardon You send
O My LORD just for YOU, for my GOD I bend

I close my eyes and quietly I sob
I hear my heart swiftly throb
Each beat says “Please Forgive me”
Each beat says “Please Protect me”
Each beat says “Please Guide me”
Each beat says “Please Bless me”
Each beat says “Please Pardon me”
Each beat says “Please Love me”
Each beat says “Please Enlighten me”
Each beat says “Please Help me”
Each beat says “Please Save me”
Each beat says “Please Purify my Heart”
Each beat says “Please Purify my Soul”

I love ALLAH.

***With All My Respect

{September 01,2009}

by Glamorous Enigma

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