The Poet As The Creator!

Behold, from out of depths within,
Where rhythms once were born,
Emotions flowing uppermost,
As from one's soul were torn...
And in those mighty moments formed,
Cascading down again,
To cool as moon replaces sun,
Till new life comes and then...

What wonders echo west to east,
From creatures night and day,
For they enjoy their brand new home
And thus they choose to stay,
So offspring join them through the years,
To populate the land,
As if such things were meant to be,
As if God had it planned...

Writing poetry...

An island perhaps created by a rising volcano
Of emotions, hopes and dreams,
But later on, the sea and the air
Bring the seeds of life from all over the world
And all manner of animals, too.

So whatever we create can grow,
Taking on precious life of its own
And thus become more pleasing to others,
Especially if we create with these purposes
Firmly at home within our hearts and minds.

by Denis Martindale

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