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Poem By Max Reif

And if I write,
how does it mitigate
the difficulties
inherent in living?
And why
is it so important?

Once a poet
climbed down a mine shaft
and got buried in an avalanche
a thousand feet down
under a million tons of earth.

Pneumatic drills worked nonstop.
They finally opened a narrow hole
down which they sent
a bucket on a rope.

The poet sent back up
a simple note:
'At least I can write about it! '

If you are one of our clan,
you'll understand.

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Comments (6)

wow.. you've penned this perfectly! I understnad, i only wish that other people could understand too.. HBH
I understand, Max. God, how I understand. Wonderfully said, my friend.
This is a deep experience, Max. L
Fabulous. Pathetic (us, I mean) , but fabulous. Keep 'em coming, Max.
Absolutely, Max. A quiet life would be nice though. Would it?