The Poet Laureate

One day Ill hold that title yes
One day just wait for me
Cos Ill give up all happiness
Too earn that legacy..
Ill write a thousand verses down
As every month goes bye
Sharing poems across the town
Till Im a famous guy!

Dont count me out Ive studied hard
Its not that easy friend
Cos not all poets act the bard
On that you can deep end..
Ill get up early greet the dawn
Give thanks too God then try
It doesnt matter if I yawn
Cos coffee makes me high..

Ill read the papers for the news
So Ill keep upto date
And then some topics hope too use
And edit till their great..
Ive done OK so far at least
So Ill keep pressing on
Till the Poet Laureates ceased
Because his tern as gone..

Denis Martindale, copyright, September 2012.

by Denis Martindale

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