The Poet Of Legacy

the restless children run to the higher ground as the kites flying to an open sky
under the clouds, clouds which are so eager to shell shock them with a friendly
turbulence, which would make the kites, spin around haywire. the tall grass has covered
most of the old battlefield, which was once witnessed thousands of young lives perished during the World War 2, protecting the nearby port from enemies of the east. my father was one of the localities who fought the war not only for his country but for the ambitious imperialist from the west, as well. most of his comrades were killed during the battle and it was actually the beginning of the new era, a new ruler, under the ‘red sun’.
my father was captured and was sent to the infamous Changi Prison as a prisoner of war.
he survived the ordeals, which many could not have managed. today, i am the legacy, to continue the gallantry of a man who had lived throughout the manmade hell bravely, not with weaponry, but with brain and pens, writing poetry. i’ll be the poet; many poets would envy. i’ll be the poet; many readers would want to be. i’ll be the poet; many women would like to see. God gives lives to my father, to have me be born, and to continue the legacy.

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

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Hi Sulaiman- I apologize for such a delay in getting back with you- Your poem 'Australiansation, ' was very poignant-It had a romantic outback feel to it-'A Cup Of Cappuccino, ' brought back memories for me-If you have ever visited Italy-you'll know a cup of espresso will show you what double time is-I alsogot around to reading several other of your poems-The one that had the most impact on me was 'The Poet Of Legacy.' Tho I feel it might have bordered on prose-the message of truth and honor reflected beautifully. It was good hearing from you again-God Bless!