J. O. D. E. E.

Journey on this love,
Only with your joy! !
Doing the right thing,
Exploring the ways of life with righteous morals! !
Exhibited with your works in your land.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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Great lines: Death has an understanding of it Loyal to many flags And is a silent ally of any country Beset in its mortal heart With immortal poetry.
I feel most certain that Laura was speaking of the brutality and gruesome nature of war, I think most likely WW1. Where countries boundaries were redrawn - and each country's history written in blood from the war before... And as each country sings its own praises and anthems - the incomprehensibles - those laying in their graves - gone to war not from chivalry or bravery - but a mere boundary. Laura's poetry brings this into morality - for it is no less present in our own generation than hers - and will continue on I suspect as long as man does.
poetry and love for country...both brave acts...writing thoughts that create opinions...fighting wars that create divisions...lovely...laura...this took me a long time to understand...did i get it right?
LAURA...PRETTY SURE OF WHAT THE THEME &MESSAGE WAS THAT YOU WERE SO ELLOQUENTLY DELIVERING...AND IF MY READ IS ON THE MONEY, I MOST DEFINITELY ASCRIBE TO YOUR ASSESSMENTS AS WELL AS YOUR EVERSO CLEVER TITLE.(I think many of us stood at that corner of disception, where museums, libraries, conventions & fictitious documents of accolade leave most of those involved at the DEAD END of LITERSCAMERY RD. GREAT PIECE...A PERFECT 10!
that's great! i like how you describe the world of poetry, of words