Our Dream Clean India

The daily visit of the Sweeper,
Pushing the cart with dust bins.....
What a welcome sight;
Soon the garbage;
Will be out of sight! !
The smelling bin
Left overnight
Foul smelling sin! !

The potent group this
With each area;
Each four street.....
Under that smiling,
middle aged woman's rule.....

I love to see this woman;
To me It represents many tearful days
When I wished and dreamed
Of clean India
With rich civic sense

That I need not feel sad
I live in this place
Where the stagnant water
Between plots, With clogged drainage
With plastic papers
Green and pink
Bloat, float and stink......

Where the muddy waters reflect the Sun...
The shine is refracted blue, green......
The bulbous water hyacinth float
The white Lotus with green pair of leaves,
Humble float, In groups
As if it were a seating arrangement
Waiting for the goddess of knowledge
To arrive, sit and play her slim and slender fingers
To evoke an enchanting magic! !

I watch the lady doing her daily duty...
It is her cap that lights hope
In my paranoid self;
I smile....a wee bit secretly....
The spreading dream.....
In every Indian heart.....
A promise kept in every ward
Under the Corporation's rule.....
Fulfilling the promise,
To make our dreams come true! !
'CIVIC SENSE' enhanced.......
*******************************************Malini Kadir

by malini kadir

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Great lines: Death has an understanding of it Loyal to many flags And is a silent ally of any country Beset in its mortal heart With immortal poetry.
I feel most certain that Laura was speaking of the brutality and gruesome nature of war, I think most likely WW1. Where countries boundaries were redrawn - and each country's history written in blood from the war before... And as each country sings its own praises and anthems - the incomprehensibles - those laying in their graves - gone to war not from chivalry or bravery - but a mere boundary. Laura's poetry brings this into morality - for it is no less present in our own generation than hers - and will continue on I suspect as long as man does.
poetry and love for country...both brave acts...writing thoughts that create opinions...fighting wars that create divisions...lovely...laura...this took me a long time to understand...did i get it right?
LAURA...PRETTY SURE OF WHAT THE THEME &MESSAGE WAS THAT YOU WERE SO ELLOQUENTLY DELIVERING...AND IF MY READ IS ON THE MONEY, I MOST DEFINITELY ASCRIBE TO YOUR ASSESSMENTS AS WELL AS YOUR EVERSO CLEVER TITLE.(I think many of us stood at that corner of disception, where museums, libraries, conventions & fictitious documents of accolade leave most of those involved at the DEAD END of LITERSCAMERY RD. GREAT PIECE...A PERFECT 10!
that's great! i like how you describe the world of poetry, of words