The Poet's Perseverance

My dream began with gentleness, soft music and soft light...
I sat upright with happiness as my white cloud took flight!
I sailed across the sky above warmed by the sun and breeze...
It was as if I felt God's love and God blessed me with peace!
An angel in the distance flew - at first I was amazed!
He floated near, out of the blue, and then to me he faced.
He said, Hello! and sweetly smiled as if he knew me well!
To him, I was a Christian child, adopted, saved from Hell!
I bid you joy and peace divine both now and evermore!
I thanked him for this noble sign which I could not ignore!
Please tell me, do you preach God's Word to rescue souls on Earth?
I told him he could be assured, I'd preached for all my worth!
He asked, How many have believed the Gospel of the Cross? '
And then I wept and truly grieved for I was at a loss!
I cannot say, I do not know! Who reads my poetry?
How many Gospel seeds I sow remains a mystery!
But I will persevere by faith! I'll try and try again!
I truly hope my words will save and God will bless my pen!
The angel shone with utmost joy! Amen! I'll tell the Lord!
God grant you boldness to employ the power of God's Word!

by Denis Martindale

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