All Thing's That Live Must Die

All things that lived must die.

Every church will ring their bells but not who's last,
Precognition yes the few their secrets kept because,
The truth is different from the rest who dream and must get up.

Underneath the sky that's grey or blue or black, who know
Look up.
And secrets that are known there really not but knowing,
Fear to speak of what they've seen a secret it is not.

I am not religious but of faith the masses know and fear
What they can't know, makes dying worse.

Who will be here when the wind no longer blow's?
That winding river's to the sea will cease to flow!
All thing's that lived must die, the heart will cease to beat
The hands grow cold the lip's turn blue, but this you all must know.

And flame's the earth a circle holds no more, yet you make more!
Just to watch them die and youth's no more.
And you my friend of faith where will they go, when children not
Of you are then laid low

A simple honey bee that flys no more and hunger claim's
The youngest still.
The sea so vast and deep will blow away and cease to quench
Man's thirst his woman know.

For ever even now is halfway gone and the moon has fallen
Never to rise again.
And knowledge yea, the miserly will with hold,
And she gives birth again as those here that are left,
As the sky it falls.

The strangest reason they give birth, knowing
All that lived must die.

Copyright © James McLain | Year Posted 2017

by James McLain

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.............nicely the theme ★
Lovely poem. I give back all till no more left to give is the sentiment that one can feel most satisfied about.
P.S. Who translated it and why weren't they given credit?
Very nice in English, but I would bet it's even better in the original Spanish. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of it in Spanish? Thanks.
the mellow flight of time...the ultimate truth that we can only give back to earth anyways it was never ours take..beautiful poem
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