Here we go to get it all wrong again:

A star-crossed love (that old cliché)
Of joined hands in secret (together anyway)
For two lost girls (mirrors, reflections)
And half a poem (kisses, confessions)

Kisses, she confesses, (two as one)
Reflect her far better than mirrors, (lost and wandering)
And she's glad that you're here, (hand in hand)
In this perfect moment (watching stars fall)

by Evangeline Ingram

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.............nicely the theme ★
Lovely poem. I give back all till no more left to give is the sentiment that one can feel most satisfied about.
P.S. Who translated it and why weren't they given credit?
Very nice in English, but I would bet it's even better in the original Spanish. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of it in Spanish? Thanks.
the mellow flight of time...the ultimate truth that we can only give back to earth anyways it was never ours take..beautiful poem
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