' 2011/04/01 Honour And Respect (Rev.)

Nicolas Shrady; sceptic on a pilgrimage,
following holy trails to religious shrines,
seeking the spiritual within the physical –
realising he was ‘an outsider, a passive
observer, and always would be’

Saw artificial attempts to impress, had to
be content with only meditation, could not
simulate false piety, couldn’t find what he
doesn’t already believe

Observation proved fickle – symbolical
content depends on already present belief,
tried ceremonies, followed customs, found
faith had no roots in anything substantial

Supernatural events happen to believers
only, which the five senses abjure, faithless
see nothing; he enjoyed a fabulous spiritual
journey, made friends,

Learned to appreciate wonder and beauty of
innocence, trust in the human heart, but the
ability of the believer to make things true
which a sceptic can never see taught him
honour and respect…

“Sacred Roads” by Nicholas Shrady Penguin Books 2000
p75 ‘…an outsider, a passive observer and always would be’

by Margaret Alice

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Where is the content?
Brief but compelling.