SB (17.03.1968 / Kolkata, India)

The Poetic Machine

I aspire to be the owner of a factory,
that will produce, only poetry.

The factory will have a machine of it's kind,
which will have a taste of, time and mind.

The machine will have an operator, one
and he is but me, and none.

The overheads cost will be less and less
and the profit will rise, beyond anyone's guess.

Inputs will come from below and above the sun
don't worry, whatsoever, the machine will run.

The inputs may range, beyond life and death
the machine will run, till it's last breath.

The outputs will vary from pearl, ruby and diamond
and the machine will turn, the coal to diamond.

No wonder, the machine, will make me rich
and the machine itself, will get enrich.

Most of the time, I'm busy these days
to make this machine, whatever be the ways.

I'm sure, I'll be a success one day,
and alongwith the machine, map a new way.

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Beautiful fantasy Spandan, very well set in a poetry. Good work, keep it up.