The Poetry Computer!

The microchip was so designed
To share thoughts come what may,
Whatever insights came to mind
Or caused a soul to pray...
And once installed, compelled to write
In rhymes like poets do,
To entertain and to delight
The likes of me and you...

And so, it started, my, oh, my,
With poets quite enthralled,
As we sat down and by and by,
The wait had us appalled...
Then suddenly the printer bleeped,
The first verse to impart
And, oh, the praises that we heaped,
For it touched every heart!

The printer bleeped a second time,
The second verse was done,
Us poets thought it was sublime,
So winsome, full of fun!
An hour passed and once again
Another verse was born,
A solemn calm fell on the men,
For it was so forlorn...

Verse number four had soon arrived,
Upbeat from start-to-end,
A kitten that had grown and thrived
And one day found a friend...
Us poets smiled to read the tale,
Like true love conquers all,
Like true love knows it must not fail
For it's a miracle!

When number six was shared around,
Us poets were amazed,
For it brought thoughts that would astound
And thus be highly praised...
One poet wept with joy inside,
For unashamed was he,
To say he had a sense of pride
For all such poetry...

The whole day long us poets felt
A tidal wave of love,
As if a stack of cards were dealt
With poems from above...
As if the Lord was with us, too,
Outpouring one-by-one,
Vivacious works of art so new
No better could be done...

The final poem printed out,
No more were ever known!
It proved beyond all trace of doubt
That Man is not alone!
Describing Martians living here
And naming them as well!
While I know this, no need to fear,
I'll never, ever tell!

Denis Martindale, copyright, October 2013.

by Denis Martindale

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