The Poets Banquet

In the grand banquet of poets
You'll find echoes from the soul
There up on pages
Of written scenes untold
You won't see the teardrop
That's fallen from their eye
And you won't hear the sound
Of sadness when they cry
But you will feel their passion
That's hidden in each word
And you will capture beauty
In meaning that's unheard
And so like an eagle takes to the skies
The poets make their flight
Deep within the darkness
To find the hidden light.

Copyright by Carlos Alberto Rodriguez,2006

by Carlos Rodriguez

Comments (4)

A buffet of truth and substance!
True words spoken, wonderful write. Patricia Gale
Carlos, beautiful poem! It reminds me of one I read yesterday by Patricia Gale. Brian
It's true that people who haven't been 'deep within the darkness' can hardly write poetry. Nice read. Julia