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The Poets Long Gone

The poets long gone and them we don't remember or is there such a thing as an immortal fame?
And the land of song and dance is changed forever but then suppose that nothing stays the same
And the old cultures by new cultures eroded and something of beauty lost and gone 'twould seem
But I still have a dream of an Earthly Utopia and I will always hang on to that dream.

The long gone poets who sung of the Natural World 'tis said that their works will fade away in time
The legends of a long gone generation by Mother Nature were inspired to rhyme
They lived their lives worshipping Nature's Goddess and the landscape around them in their verses they glorified
But in a World of changing cultural values everything is changing and the legends with the changes they have died.

The great forests of the World are disappearing the men of greed 'twould seem have got their way
And to make way for houses and commercial development millions of trees are removed every day
We must pay the price for our abuse of our environment and what we do to Nature to our own selves we do
And those who say that nothing should stand in the way of human progress are only telling us what is not true.

The Nature Poets have long since returned to Nature but their lessons we have chosen not to heed
And we are destroying the environment that sustains us and the price will be huge to pay for human greed
And birds and animals due to destruction of their habitat becoming extinct though Nature herself will re-generate
And we will destroy ourselves by abusing our Earth Mother so 'tis time for us to stop before it is too late.

by Francis Duggan

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