Now I come to look at love
in a new way, now that I know I'm not
standing in its light. I want to ask my
almost-no-longer husband what it's like to not
love, but he does not want to talk about it,
he wants a stillness at the end of it.
And sometimes I feel as if, already,
I am not here-to stand in his thirty-year
sight, and not in love's sight,
I feel an invisibility
like a neutron in a cloud chamber buried in a mile-long
accelerator, where what cannot
be seen is inferred by what the visible
does. After the alarm goes off,
I stroke him, my hand feels like a singer
who sings along him, as if it is
his flesh that's singing, in its full range,
tenor of the higher vertebrae,
baritone, bass, contrabass.
I want to say to him, now, What
was it like, to love me-when you looked at me,
what did you see? When he loved me, I looked
out at the world as if from inside
a profound dwelling, like a burrow, or a well, I'd gaze
up, at noon, and see Orion
shining-when I thought he loved me, when I thought
we were joined not just for breath's time,
but for the long continuance,
the hard candies of femur and stone,
the fastnesses. He shows no anger,
I show no anger but in flashes of humor,
all is courtesy and horror. And after
the first minute, when I say, Is this about
her, and he says, No, it's about
you, we do not speak of her.

by Sharon Olds

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Comments (5)

He will come back after being surfeited somewhere else. Till then have peaceful days!
A nice poem to read again and again. Cheers!
I was inspired by the title. I used it to write another poem. please read. 'The true Poet' by: Michael Micmac Mccrory I feel the pain in your poem. you should get at one with titles. A good title can inspire better poetry and vice versa.
good poem...when this kind of thoughts start bothering you....means you are walking on the right path...all d best...for coming storms
This was very good. Just some nit-picks. I think the line would be better as: A car food money. Instead of separate. Also, 'with everything advance I make.' I think you meant to leave out 'thing' from 'everything.' But I gave this a good rating.