SS (9-16-91 / derborn mich)

The Pointless War

Left, right, left, right, halt!
Bullets spraying, soldiers laying.
Hoping praying that they survive the night.
One soldier falls,
tells his commanding officer
that he loves his wife and kids.
He dies like the wind in the night.
The platoon moves on
fighting a pointless war.
The local people throw stones,
grenades …boom! ! !
The chopper blows up,
spinning out of control.
They hang on hoping to survive
another night.
They crash one of there friends cut in half,
just lying there as cold as ice.
They call for back up, but no one answers.
They hope and pray that they make it another day.
In the morning when they wake they see an angry face.
Surrounded by the locals who hate them so.
They start shooting everyone starts screaming.
But off in the distance they see another chopper they
fell to the ground they where finally safe.
They would live to see another day

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And what is your point about the 'pointless war'? You see it as some kind of cartoon?