The Poison Inside

The Jekyll came out and unleashed his fury
Against right and wrong, his vision is blurry
Revealing his wrath and causing such pain
Dethroned his princess because he was so vein

Unjust words hatefully came across his lips
Losing his sense of reality falling from his finger tips
A beast he is, causing destruction to anyone in his path
Inflecting the utmost pain in this furious wrath

Slicing and dicing as the words kill the joy
A deadly night with a lost love that he bitterly destroyed
Jealousy became apart of Jekyll's split personality
The demolition of his princess has become his reality

Swirling, and whirling as the vertigo sits in
A churning stomach as the poison nauseously spins
Violently releasing all of the evil in his soul
Tears strew down his sorrowful face that he cannot control

Hyde forces out the Jekyll that lay inside
But the damage is done as Hyde cannot deny
All of the joy and happiness that he once knew
In a blink of an eye, all of it was through

Fell to his knees, and he began to pray
What did I do on this dark cursed day
Emotions at hand, with each dropp from his eyes
Under this spell he lost the love of his life

Hyde went to his queen and asked for forgiveness
Cordially she told him you cannot change this damage
The actions displayed, and the emotions conveyed
The devil of the night in his annihilation rage

The true colors displayed were in a dark velvet red
You took away all the innocence the we ever had
Hyde went do on his knees, and begged his princess please
I know what I did wrong, how can I appease

Then it struck in his mind like lighting from the sky
He was no different than any other as-hole guy
Now only time will tell, as Hyde cannot resist
That Jekyll took his pride, and left him emotionless

Lonely and sad, Hyde shamelessly awaits
Diffusing the tragedy done, accepting his fate
The best thing in this world he selfishly destroyed
The beauty is lost in Hyde's guilt stricken world

(Dedicated to anyone who has lost a loved one out of your own selfishness.....)

by Nyrical Poet

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