MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

The Poison Line

So, you don't know who to blame
For your sorrow and grief
You've lost all sense of time
You no longer have beliefs

Well, lets start at the top
The top is where we should begin
When a brother and sister
Decided to live in sin

I can understand loving your relative
I can understand love is a game
But to create a line of lost souls
Is completely insane

Yes, she was a great woman
Many times she saved my life
But she chose a life of incest
When she became a wife

And now every generation she created
Has to deal with infected poisoned viens
She was a good woman of God
Unfortunatly all her offspring are insane

And what do u do old woman
You sit in a house of blues
And u cry and moan about your hard life
But yet the real truth you refuse

Yes, I loved her
Yes, she had a good heart
But because of her foolishness
The whole family fell apart

And u have the nerve
To pass judgement on everyone around
U are a crying fool in the rain
And thats why u wear a wig like a clown

U constanly search for someone to blame
All u do is wonder why
It's because of the poison in your viens
That is the reason u constantly cry

Six children spawned in a pit of sin
And the last created with a HolyMan
But the HolyMan's daughter
Is the lucky one of the land

Did u enjoy your trip to Spain
Did u enjoy your trip in the sun
And did u help your sister find an answer
As to why the HolyMan had to run

But better a HolyMan of the cloth
Than your blood brother
The children are all insane
Because of the sin of mother

So now because of the sweet spanish rose
My son already shows signs of sorrow
What will happen when my sweet son
Has his children many years from tomorrow

Hopefully, when my son and daughter are grown
There children will not have to suffer mental pain
Hopefully the poisoned blood
Will be washed out of their viens

So keep crying about your pathetic life
Your tears are just a waste of time
Instead of crying about your poor little children
You should cry about the poison line

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