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The Poison Love

I wrote your name on my hand
to show that i carry him/her around
I wrote your name on my heart
to show that i love you

I wrote your name on my 4head
to show that I'm thinking about you
I cut his name on my arm to show
how much you need me

But for what you dont know is that
love is poison that takes over the
Mind and body, for when something

So powerful, and so pure can be
so dangerous, Love plays Tricks
on you, you just dont notice
that every I love you can be the poison

That thing that triggers the mind, heart
Body and soul! But what you dont know
Is that love is not just a poison
But it is deadly in ever way

It can overcome you and make
you do these things that u never done
So next time you say i love you
Make sure that it is pure
And true.... so basically what im saying is

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