The Poison Of Hate

Hate is a poison,
a disease with no cure.
It has a reason,
but leaves us unpure.

It slowly pushes us,
towards things we shouldn't do.
Murder and such,
the feeling is not new.

The fear we feel is death,
and wastes our lives.
We feel it 'til our last breath,
fighting to survive.

We fear murder,
but people die falling down stairs.
You try to protect her,
but she suffocates in fears.

Fears of the past,
being told she was worthless.
They creep back,
suicide is what is left.

You forgot to protect her,
from her harmful self.
Now you are alone forever,
left wth yourself.

Knowing you are next....

by Everlasting Nightmare

Comments (2)

Very sepulchral and melancholic.I thought it was expressive with immense depth and character.I hope you continue well with your craft of writing.Best of wishes. Take care.
OMG I LOVE IT! ! ! ! ! ! and u said it sucked pshhh blah to that i say! ! ! ! i like it and so will others im sure