DB (July 1st,1964 / Aveyime-Battor, Volta Region, Ghana)

The Poisoned Succour

God created natural wells for all Africans
their insatiate thirst and hunger to assuage
but African leaders created poison to contaminate
the very wells that is meant to be their lifelines

man created politics that is very dirty in Africa
and poisoned the rich wells that is their succour
and the wells become the bane of the albatross
Oh! African, why kill your adornment on molehills
how long continue to suffer in the midst of plenty?

the offspring of the poison succour are huge
poverty, corruption, conflict, misappropriation
the offshoots of the offspring are many
Angola, Gabon, Nigeria, and Guinea and….

the new entrant is the coast that was full of gold
and now thinks can become the new African tiger
but remember, a tiger must not shout its tigertude
and pop not yet champagne bottles in your Osu castle
lest you tow the same dirty line of your predecessors
and turn your new found blessing into an ugly curse

by Dela Bobobee

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