The Politicians We Deserve

Many complain they do lack in ideas and in verve
But the politicians we vote into Parliament are the politicians we deserve
Politicians are not as clever as many make them out to be
Any of the Country's most intelligent people are not in Parliament though some with this may not agree
In the Chambers of Parliament humility is dead
The egos of most politicians barely fit in their head
We only vote for those best at their own praises to sing
Arrogance and egotism nowadays seem the in thing
It seems like Parliament House is a safe haven for conceit
In their broken promises they sow the seeds of deceit
They live by nepotism and in their ways they are so small
And for the poor and homeless of towns and cities they do nothing at all
That we deserve the politicians we get happens for to be true
It is life's way of giving us what we are due.

by Francis Duggan

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