Spring Of Greenery!

Spring of Greenery!

The Season is here
The Reason to celebrate
Spring brings blooming buds
Dressing Trees with vibrant flowers

Singing birds, Dancing peacocks
Swings are swung in gentle rocks
The King of Fruits; Mango rules
Wanted by all, geniuses and mules

Joy seems to fill the ambience
Time to have fun, feast and rejoice
Refreshing showers of gentle rain
Soothing the Earth, as ever, yet again.

by Manjeshwari P MYSORE

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oh I sooo agree with you Lynn though I do think a semicolon can be a crucifix for the light-fingered don't you we must talk about that some time. to be inclusive of the reader without pre-writing the contextual. a respect for the unformed. I'll give you the dates of my next workshop. You'll love it. Must dash. Students.