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****the Pondering Of A Bat
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****the Pondering Of A Bat

Poem By Ben Gieske

How to know
the pondering of a bat
hanging upside down
his frown but a smile

How to know
the dreaming of a bat
abiding the dark cave all day
flying free in the darkness of night
images going blip in the dark

How to know
the seeing of a bat
when sounds are his mode
of traveling in the night
and catching prey without light

- May 16,2009

Published online in the July/August issue of Sketchbook

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Comments (5)

Innovative, quirky and fun! 'hanging upside down/ his frown but a smile' is a delightful image - I might try this position myself some time! S ;)
I wonder if Bats ponder about transponders or do they just use their instincts
You leave me mystified with this unusual creature, as owls seem to mostly get the hoot of approval in popularity, and I have three friends who collect anything do do with owls. However bats, are well, just bats. The pondering, dreaming and seeing is so well structured to add to the mystique. Congratulations for having it published in Sketchbook as it so well deserves to be. 10 Karin
Original thoughts that intrigue; as does this strange creature.
This intreguing title just drew me in, and I enjoyed what I found. Irene