The Poor Are Left To Suffer

The Natural disaster that has happened in and around New Orleans could happen anywhere
But that the poor should suffer most as always seems unfair
When unpredictable Mother Nature her breath of anger blow
The wealthy thanks to their money to live to elsewhere can go,
The poor are left to suffer as if they do not count
Though the numbers of the injured dying and dead to many thousands now amount
Millions in money spent in fighting wars by Governments every day
But when their own poor are in trouble from them they turn away,
Our lack of compassion and empathy will be Humanity's downfall
When money only matters 'tis a poor World after all,
In the history of Humankind we are at an enlightened stage
And we have come far in technology in this space and nuclear age
But Governments lacking in compassion or so 'twould seem that way
And the poor are getting poorer a sad thing to have to say.

by Francis Duggan

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