The Poor Dead Of War Zones

Poor people do not cause wars but it seems sad to say
That in bombings and shootings in war zones they are injured and dying every day
To be in the wrong place and be there at the wrong time
For the misfortune that befell them was their only crime

The victims of terrorism or of bombings gone wrong
Are people never honoured in story and song
At their grave sites The Last Post it is never played
And sadly from memory they are left to fade

Government leaders who condemn acts of terrorism see war as okay
That in this they are being hypocritical in truth one can say
Since it is a fact that war to terrorism always gives rise
That the deaths of poor people in war zones is seen as collateral damage seems so sad to realize

That government leaders are so detached from their humanity
This is what happens when people lose their compassion and empathy
Those who do declare war the circumstances of it disown
For to be kind and caring their sort will never be known

Every day more victims of terrorism or of a bombing gone wrong
The poor dead of war zones are never honoured in story or song
At the grave sites of civilian war dead The Last Post is never played
And sadly from memory they are allowed to fade.

by Francis Duggan

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