The Poor Getting More Poor

Time it does pass slowly when you've got no work to do
And every hour spent idle it passes slow as two
One's better by far working no matter what the pay
It's a better way to pass the time than idling all day.

But some have to stay idle for them there is no job
And they depend upon the State to get their living bob
And for those who are unemployed the hands of time turn slow
And boredom creeps into their lives and boredom grow and grow.

How come there's not enough work enough to go around
As all of those who can work ought to be entitled for to earn their living pound
There should be jobs for everyone as unemployment is caused by greed
And it's all of those who don't share and share alike put other souls in need.

As the unemployment figures rise the crime rate rises too
Circumstance cause some to turn to crime they've little choice but to
With no spare cash in pocket and of work they've been denied
And puny hand outs from the State does little for one's pride.

It's a strange World we live in the poor getting more poor
And the rich keep getting richer more powerful and secure
And if some people turn to crime on them don't put full blame
As measly hand outs from the State force them to lives of shame.

by Francis Duggan

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