The Poor Homeless Alcoholic

He does not have stories to tell of battles fought and won
Or of any great things in his life he has done
The poor homeless alcoholic has turned sixty one
Yet his deceased mum loved him and was proud of her son.

Not what one does call a great success in life
He has never had children or never had a wife
Yet he has never harmed anyone in any way
And he is a good person despite what some of him might say.

In life we do follow our life's destiny
And with the saying of judge not and thou shalt not be judged I for one do agree
The real person in him not for our eyes to see
At least anyway that's how it seems to me.

The day it is warm and in the sunshine
He sits on the park bench drinking from his bottle of cheap wine
Some of the more judgemental whilst walking by at him do stare
But of their looks of disapproval he seems unaware.

by Francis Duggan

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Beautiful and insightful.bravo! !