Watzzzzup My Dear Friend

She was so sweet,
when she was a child..
Now she has grown,
She has grown so wild...

Parting with friends, once
She just could not bare..
Now she has grown,
And she dosent seem to care...

She called me once and said
'Forever am your friend'..
And then she called again to say
'Thats it Ashok, this is the end'..

She's still so viabrent
Like we were when younger...
I have grown too
But am so much more sober...

I move on in life
She calls to greet and 'hey'
I walk up to her and she says
'I dont know what to say'

What happend to my dear..?
What happend to my Friend..?
Something wrong with her i fear...
Is her sweetness comming to an end....?

by Ashok Puravoor

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