The Poor Man

Oh see the poor man leaning against the wall of a great structure.
A young man, that he is, but very poor indeed. With many kinds of
old shirts and torn jeans he holds a tin can begging for money so
that he can eat.

A cold day, yet the poor man smiles and says "peace" to all who
walk by him. The people that see him only put their cigarette
butts into his tin can. Walking down the neighborhood in his bare feet the poor man knocks
on the doors of houses begging for food, but people only slam the.
door on him.
Nobody seems to care about him, he even got chased by dogs
and beaten up, and spitted upon. With all that has happened
to him the poor man only looked at the guilty ones that had harmed
him and gave them a cold stare. No
By night the poor man comes to a church asking for a place to stay.
The father of the church turned him away, but told him to go to the poor house.
Freezing from cold temperatures, the poor house is full and the
poor man wanders into the coldness of the night all alone. The good
book once said "He was in the world, and the world was made by him,
and the world knew him not."

by Jesse Centeno

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