The Poor Talking Millionaire

You'd swear listening to him times on him were bad
The fellow who was born to a wealthy mum and dad
Managing director of one of his parents factories yet he does complain
Though him and his wife and school going son and daughter just back from a holiday in Spain

The fellow who suffers of mind poverty
That he and his wife can afford to drive in two new mercedes does not seem poor to me
But then suppose if you feel poor in your mind then poor you have to be
That poverty can be a relative thing with that one must agree

A very unhappy millionaire of his type there's a few
That money cannot guarantee or buy you happiness is not saying what is new
You may be financially well to do drive an expensive car
But if in your mind you feel you are poor then poor indeed you are

Financially one of the wealthiest people in the town yet he does not feel that way
But then suppose you are what you think you are as some do like to say
Of how poor people have to live he would not be aware
Though he is a poor man in his ways the poor talking millionaire.

by Francis Duggan

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