The Poor Unhappy Young Woman

The poor unhappy young woman doesn't life seem so unfair
She owns her own big company her dad's a billionaire
But the love ache that is in her heart will take time to repair
Her lover he has left her he has found love elsewhere.

She found out he had been unfaithful to her and an argument ensued
And he merely walked out on her left her in a shattered mood
Whilst she grieves for a lost love his new found passion he enjoy
The bond of trust is broken and trust money cannot buy.

Some men prove so unfaithful and their women they deceive
And some women for a lost love for months on end will grieve
And the ache of love has been known to last for months and even years
And the wealthy young business woman by love has been reduced to tears.

The poor unhappy young woman is financially secure
In some ways she is very wealthy and in other ways quite poor
She is grieving for a lost love one to her who was untrue
Whilst he enjoys the passion of making love to someone new.

by Francis Duggan

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