MH (3-22-1964 / Westwood)

The Pope In April

Jesus sees the pope surrounded by a crowd
everyone is clapping thier hands
and cheering from the stands
and Jesus is very proud.

He remembers the virgin Mary when she appeared
people came from everywhere to a town
and her presence was not feared
They prayed the rosary and no one had a frown.
Jesus remembered when people waved thier branches of palm
and cheered for him.
when he spoke everyone was calm
and listened to him.

Jesus sees the pope in the United States
April fifteen through twenty
the pope say mass in a stadium, people feel time was not a waste.
people had many feeling which were plenty.

Jesus wants to be in the world again after watching the pope
He feels when he comes to everyone,
They will bow thier head and fold thier hands in prayer
and he will be treated like the the pope in many places not one.
Jesus will go everywhere.
Jesus is filled with hope.

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