The Pope Is Dying In The Vatican

Do not ask me for to mourn for one who I don't even know
Although in death his legend 'twould seem will only grow
The Pope is dying in the Vatican his end painful and slow
But he's had a good innings 'tis time for him to go

Into the great hereafter if there is such a place
Though millions of Roman Catholics believe in heaven for him a reserved space
Hopes of the joys of Heaven and fears of the fires of Hell
Though of the existence of such places none have come back to tell.

The Pope dying in the Vatican but for him I cannot weep
Though I hope his end is peaceful that he dies in his sleep
He is a decent Human Being but so are millions more
Who will not be mourned in the World from North to Southern shore.

I too was baptized a Roman Catholic in which I had no say
But you prove to me your's is the one true God and to him I will pray
I am not a flock type of a person I do things my own way
Only of one thing I'm certain for each a final day.

The Pope is dying in the Vatican but don't ask me to shed tears
He has been in the top job for twenty seven years
He is a devout person and the end for him is near
But his fame and name will outlive his passing and of him we'll always hear

by Francis Duggan

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