The Poppy Fields

Machine guns rattle, there's screams in the air,
We shield our eyes from the bomb lights glare.
My comrades fall to the blood-ridden ground,
They lay, lifeless dead, not making a sound.
I can't spare a stray thought for others,
I must forget about my new found brothers.
Yet still I troop on for freedom and love,
A cause not nearly good enough.

Fear shivers, convulses, the carnage is all I can see,
Cough on the bile threatening to choke me.
I start running, the bombs are falling,
I know whats coming, the reaper is calling.
I feel the bullets ripple through the muscle, the skin
A hole for each of the seven deadly sins.
Silence fell and there lay my body,
and amongst the terror stood one lonely poppy.

by Laura Wills

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There lay my body! The horror of the terror! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.