The Possible Capsizing Of The Uss Guam?

United States Congressman, Representative Hank Johnson,
Democrat-Georgia,4th District, Decatur, Conyers, and Norcross,
Has to go back to grade school and then some,
He seems 'intelligently' 'Lost'. (as the TV series is)
Rep. Johnson was asking an admiral of the USA, Adm. Robert Willard, about a concern,
About Guam being so overly populated that soon Guam would meet its demise.
Rep. Johnson, who made his vote known on such issues as the Bail-Outs, Medical Care, and Afghanistan,
Was predicting the island of Guam could face imminent danger,
'My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.'
His mom raised a fool.
Obviously he thought that Guam was a giant pontoon floating in the Pacific Ocean.
He ought to go back to school, the fool.
The Admiral 'stepped up to plate' and with respect, swung his 'verbal bat',
Willard paused and said: 'We don't anticipate that.'
Rep. Johnson is a very good reason that there should be some kind of all around proficiency test
Like the ones that are given in grade school or high school,
-to get into the Senate or Congress.
It is difficult for this writer, and his wife, to understand
How a person could understand bills, write legislation,
pass bills and possibly change the lives of millions of Americans,
Yet not understand what
an island is and what it ain't? (sic) .
If he were a mayor in Georgia, I wouldn't be that concerned,
But he sits on Capitol Hill,
Rep. Hank Johnson, you are stupid pre-April Fool!


by Joe Rosochacki

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