The Possum Lady

She lives in the house at the end of Birch Street
A lovely old lady so kind and so sweet
Known as the Possum Lady the possums on her ceiling she does feed
No doubt more of her kind in the World we do need.

Homeowners who dislike brush tail possums are not hard to find
To the ceiling dwelling marsupials they could never be kind
They claim they leave their ceilings in need of repair
So they trap them and then they release them elsewhere.

She feeds three or four sliced apples to her possums every night
And she has names for them she knows them by sight
She believes that the trapping and relocating of possums is a serious offence
And she will always speak out in their defence.

She says all wild creatures of friends are in need
And each morning she fills her bird feeders with seed
In her latter seventies her hair silvery gray
A friend of nocturnal creatures and creatures of the day.

by Francis Duggan

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