I'm Wearing Black

Today, my heart's stricken with pain
That I may go mad, may I never be sane
Today, the butterflies' funeral is arranged
I'm dressed in black; come my friend,
You too must wear the same!

Come join me for my eyes are swimming in tears
I wonder where they've gone, my Darlings and Dears!
Today, even the relaxing songs won't heal
Nor would a compassionate hug,
From a Beloved, I feel!

Let me cry for a while of this miserable gloom
Let me be sat in the corner of my darkest room
But, you may have a seat beside me and guard
May be I hurt myself
Or kill my stinging heart!

Today, I'll mourn over my unhurried death
Wearing this black, I'll exhale my breath-
Will you be coming? Assure your arrival!
So that for a minute I could see your face
From the veil of my dead survival!

Today, the whole world is dark and murky
Dim, lightless, depressing and dusky!
Diminished is the love that was pure and true
And now I'm wearing black
Are you wearing the same color too?

by Tanzila Rehmat

Comments (2)

I enjoyed the unique perspective on this one
Cool poem...creative way to sing the same ole' song.