(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The 'Potential' For Greatness Is There

If a greatness is indeed appreciated,
Wouldn't it take more than one to satiate the taste?
It would lessen the propaganda.
And the hype of it would not be faked.

Let me say...
The 'potential' for greatness is there.'

That makes the taste of it easier to take,
That way,
My expectations aren't set so high.
And I can determine what is given,
More delicious than it is!
You get my point?

'I think so.
YOU want to determine,
The 'greatness'.
And when and 'if' that should be labelled as such!
Giving 'you' a purpose to encourage and spread the word.'

Of course.
I don't want to have it enforced.
I would think you would want my expectations to rise!
To declare something 'great'...
Leaves it to be criticized and opened to be downsized.

'Maybe we should hire you to do our marketing? '

As you yourself stated,
The 'potential' for greatness is there.

'I now can see,
The point you are making.
The potential for greatness 'IS' there.'

There is no need to overwhelm the message.

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