The Potential Of The Past

The past preserves history
The present mirrors strengths and weaknesses in real time
The future dangles serenity, serendipity, success and sadness in your story
It's up to you to free fall or climb.

The past though gone catalyses events today
To build or break the present
That in turn day by day
Catapults success sentiment or conjures up reams of resentment.

The past teaches you valuable lessons
Sign posting paths to shun, paths to pursue
As with open eyes you browse in life's delicatessens
For solutions to an inconvenient issue.

The past seldom slips into oblivion
If you merely consign it to dustbins
Of history in a poverty pavilion
Littered with quack queens, dread dins, somber sins and prick pins.

The past like your shadow
Pursues each step you take
To mingle or tread on toes in a meadow
To maximize aftershocks of an earthquake.

The past reminds you of indiscretions
You'd rather forget
Lest their maledictions
Should disrupt pretence facades, disturb convenience and disgust your mate.

The past controls the comfort
You long to prolong
In your tryst and in your fort
Where in consolation you compose a sentimental song.

The past leaves you alone
When your behavior improves
To avoid contracting a loan
That precipitates bankruptcy moves.

by John Sensele

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