The Power Brokers Promote

The power brokers promote their own agendas this is what power to them is all about
That their ideas are all that does matter they never does leave us in doubt
Those with a different view to them they classify as the enemy
Not what you would call democratic seems quite autocratic to me
Their own ideas are all that matter or so it does appear that way
On the things that matter most to them they do like for to have their say
They seem to crave power over others obsession with power is their mental disease
Narcissistic in their ways and in their thinking and enamoured in their own ideas
Anyone who disagrees with them branded as a bad person call that a sense of power gone all wrong
But sad to think that to those sort of people the most of the power does belong
A fault in the alfa power brokers democracy trying to suppress
Always trying to remove from others the should be right of their thoughts to express
Dictators and would be dictators in their ways they are very small
They believe on a fair go for all who think like them but not on a fair go for all.

by Francis Duggan

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