The Power Failure…

Dad busy with office work
As usual.
Mom sitting in front of the TV watching operas
As usual.
Brother engrossed in his home work
As usual.
Sister in her study solving problems
As usual.
Granny relaxing in the verandah with a song in her lips
As usual.

Sudden darkness engulfed the house.
It was a Power Cut.
Quite Unusual.

Dad came to the verandah
Mom came to the verandah
Brother came to the verandah
Sister came to the verandah
Interactions, jokes, stories, sharing of information followed…
Quite Unusual.
Thank God! Thank the Electricity Board!
For the Power cut!
It wa quite a phenomenon.
Quite Unusual.

(Thanks to a story on a related theme in THE HINDU - Metroplus

by Samuel Rufus

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Really great poem with a great message. Good Job