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The Power In A Kiss

I can't say exactly how this night came to be
I dont remember if it was you who leaned towards me
I dont recall if it was mine or your lips that made contact first
or the feel of your lips agaisnt mine that made my breathing worse

I don't remember what we were talking about before that first kiss
or even if it was a concious thought that we would be missed
I dont remember what I had on or the perfume I wore
I can't say how I got a stain on my shirt or even how my skirt tore

But there is one thing I do recall about tonight
the smile on my face as you drove out of sight
the magic that surrounded us there in the seclusion of your car
and the wish I made on that fallen star

I wanted the night to never end, the dawn to never come
I wanted to stay in your arms forever and never go home
but as they say, 'all good things must come to an end'
so I had to let you go and wait for the morn to see you again

I wanted to call but I didnt want you to feel pressured
so I counted sheep and the hours till the dawn I measured
I went about my day struggling to concentrate with all my might
I smiled and I chatted but all the while my heart had taken flight

And then I saw you and it was like it was all an illusion
somehow you had become something you were not and i was filled with confusion
because there you were flirting with someone else while I watched you
I wanted to flee in hurt and anger but I had to see the day through

Then you turned and saw me and I saw the emotions run across your face
I noticed the pulse in your throat pick up an unsteady pace
You made me believe in something that wasnt true
somehow you managed to make me believe in you

The kiss we shared was so powerful it made me forget
exactly how much I detested you and how you made me sick
I saw in you something that others did not
that made me believe in you and the magic of the moment

But standing here now looking at you
I know the night we shared was not true
so now I must say good-bye and wish you the best
and lay the blame I feel towards you to rest

So heres one last kiss to push me on my way
I must have this closure if I am to get through the day
and when it is over and we've said our good-bye
I will never think of you again till the day I die

I stare into the blueness of your eyes and suddenly I am lost
but to put my trust my in you surely would be to high of a cost
your lips so soft and feather light on mine
like the wisper of a birds song on the wind, I walk away.....leaving you behind! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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It begins romantic and ends so sad, be well.