Let The Flowers Flourish

For crying out loud, the flowers are gorgeous,
Fresh, happy, young, alive, and vivacious.
Regrettably, we, humans, cut their lives short,
From time to time, from events to events.

For God’s sake, let the flowers live like the monuments,
Let them enjoy a long life, like the statues in the court.
Almost every event, like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries,
Is the end for those petals, which are sinking in past memories.

Even the funerals are not sympathetic to the beautiful lilies.
In lieu of flowers, why can’t they write beautiful poems,
Make memorable cards or fake flowers with dead leaves?

Let the flowers live in the garden, and plant them in the cemeteries,
In lieu of flowers, send meaningful poems that inspire dreams.
For crying out loud, please end the customary bereaves.

by Hebert Logerie

Comments (5)

Mmmm never thought of it like that. Great little poem, Adrienne. Love, Fran xx
interesting meditation... a 'majestic stroke'... always worthwile...!
Lechen...clever girl you! I see how one might think'alone' is lonely...'I' is a powerful word and there is so much strength in it!
good point well made., though not as isolating as first appears, until the sense of self through 'I' is discovered there is no drive to communicate that self, leading eventually to a concept of 'we': -)