(the) Power Of Ignorance

How massive a threat,
Is the power of ignorance...
Fed to feed the increase of it?
Where is the effect,
Not yet felt to expect?

From high and low places.
And around each bend,
Of a corner one steps...
Few are in peace to find it.
Many are living feeling,
More negative than positive.
Empowered have become,
Acts of violence.
Upon those innocent done.

By the hour and without fail,
Witnessed are heated arguments.
Between strangers to prevail.

People happy are less committed
To express this or admit.
In fear their happiness,
Will be suspected...
As one drugged refusing,
To face apparent...
Hidden mental conflicts.

Are survivors of obstacles.
And setbacks.
Are the ones who defy...
Traps of discouragement,
Placed on their paths...
To pass these tests.

And yet,
If others are asked...
What it is 'they',
Would rather have today?
If it is not more money.
Some may say...
A life to live that enables,
Them to manage to escape...
From all the B.S. made.
But limited are the exits,
Blocked by excessive...
Ignorance accepted,
Has left tolerated to create.

'It's everywhere.'

-What is? -

I can't believe,
You don't see it.'

-I do.
But if I'm not 'of it',
Why should I be 'in it'...
As my life to live? -

I thought you lived here.
I 'see' you around.
And all over this place.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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