The Power Of Name

As life kept churning into a vortex
My consciousness sucked down under
My soul, shackled in chain, did protest
Freedom, oh, lift me from this gutter.

Those around me in surprise
Lifted their brows and shrugged
As you sow, so you reap, that is your prize
What more can we do, they bragged.

My consciousness, tortured and battered,
Searched dark, fathomless, oblivion
As if a Messiah came to me, a person who mattered
At the moment, you gave me light and vision.

You taught me to chant the Name
And I embraced it with my strength and hope
Even as my soul basked in the light of the Name
The world about me changed with the colors of kaleidoscope

I remained listless, may be in dream, or in daze
The name remained on my lips
When all the things I called my own, suffocated in blaze
The world, all the while, turned on its axis.

Whoever said, the story of Phoenix was lost?
The ‘cinnabar bird’ was reborn out of flame
The story fitted my life most
A new soul found energy out of the fire of the name.


by Mandira Chattopadhyay

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