Placed Within This Festival Of Vision

Did you believe,
The giving of the spectrum done...
Was created to provide your enjoyment only?
To satisfy the gratifying sense of flesh.
Until the escaping depth of breath,
Comes to quiet in cycles of death...
All that now and has lived,
Rushes into a silence that forgets
With buried experiences!

Here we are...
Placed within this festival of vision.
Given to partake and share,
This Cosmos...
Mystique le magnifique, n'est pas? Oui!
Et c'est si bon.

You and I,
Suspended in dimensions of life.
To sparkle in brilliant light.
As we gaze upon the stars and moon.
Sun bright give us life we live here...
On a sphere of Earth that allows a birthing,
Of our imaginations.
To dance and whisper sweet wishes,

And it is so clear,
The works of God has spoiled our involvement.
To expect this spectrum ever evolving...
Will endure a disrespect of its greatness.

We are just but specks undetected...
Beyond this atmosphere.
Cloaked but evoking wonder.
And yet we wish to magnify the affects,
Of our infestation!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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ANA, This is so very true! You have expressed in verse my very thoughts; Thank you! - Raj Nandy New Delhi 14 Sep 07