The Powers That Were!


The Rangers now are in demise

Cos all their truths are based on lies

They've cooked the books and duped their fans

What price loyalty?

Do working men deserve this fayre

Served up from the fox's lair

Denial showed they did not care

Their pockets fully lined.

They ask them now, dig deeper still

You'll get receipts, pay at the till

That's a first when paying a bill

The taxman cometh soon.

Where is Whyte and where's the news

All we hear are gossips' views

Fat Sally's even off the booze

To repay loyal Huns.

Once so rich but had no plan

Wreckless spending by one man

Murray sold you out then ran

There is no place to hide.

Whyte and Murray what a team

They tucked you up, now live their dream

But with our jelly and ice cream

We'll raise a glass to you.

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So like the anti-Christ he’s back but not on bended knee
He’s back as a consultant complete with hefty fee
His first job up, to face the press, like a King upon his throne
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Our Special Gift

I can’t explain to lesser men, they just don’t comprehend
What I feel within my heart, they’ll never understand
We’re more than just a football club, much more than a team
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A Seterday Efternin.

A poke o' chips an' Irn Bru, scoffed an' guzzled doon
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Jumpin' oan a 64, the Auchenshuggle bus
Ma wid ayways worry an' make an awfy fuss.

M.D. - Mair Drink.

(In memory of Jackie Morrison who died 10th November 2011) .

I lived my fears and cried my tears but now I wear a smile
For the Ayrshire bhoy, my Scottish friend, is with me all the while

And It's Getting Better.

50,000 seats were filled to watch the Huns today

But they forgot that Killie could show them how to play