My Sweet Queen 3

My dear sweet beautiful Queen
so wonderful, bright, and supreme,
you truly are my everyting
and to you my heart so loudly
and sincerly sings out my favorite love songs
to let you know you're cared for
filling you with warmth and strength
as I say I love you.
My sweet Queen I adore you
because you are a rare and precious jewel,
a diamond in the rough who shines
in pure great love above the rest.
You are like no other you're so unique,
I love you for you a large soul
who is filled with toughness and great strength
as shown by all the things you've oner come,
such a giant loving soul so pure
to go along with your heart of gold.

My sweet gorgeous beautiful Queen
you truly mean the universe to me.
You've given me so much hope and reason
to want to fight on living in this life,
you are my northern star
and have filled me up with shining light.
I miss you my sweet Queen
because you are my dreams come true
and the worlds beauty through and through.
I can't wait to hold you my sweet darling Queen
and give you all the love I have
while sharing this life hand in hand,
you are all I want and all I need
because you are my best friend
and my sweet Queen whom I'll love
through all eternity.

by Michael P. McParland

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This a delightful little poem. Kipling was an imperialist but he could show a genuine empathy with common humanity as in this gem of a poem. The verse still has a relevance for today's world.