The Preachers

Contempt and hatred remain their creed
Hypocrisy is the way to lead
Lust and greed always indeed
Remain hidden in every deed

They exploit on the name of Lord
By clinging on their to lusty chord
Declaring all innocent their ward
They play dirty and very hard

Claim thy faith but are faithless
With bad intentions they digress
On Lord's name they take cess
They preach more and practice less

Hell is waiting forthe defaulter
Who on alter always falter
Satan has taken thy souls on barter
How can faithless creatures be martyr

Day of judgment be dooms day
Where they will find no ray
The they will have to pay
This is what the Holy Book say

Copyright 2014 golden Glow

by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan

Comments (1)

Prophet (SAW) told -practice before ye preach and the treasure of the universe Quran illustrated in many places - but they so called preachers they don't- I wrote in Urdu/Hindi- Duniyaa ba-raahe deen aur deen siratal mustaqueem - Peacebe upon you andon your family Masha Allah - Ye must be re paid by Allah o Shanahoo - this is the preaching to bring in the notice evil is evil and good is good